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Idfy Developer Documentation

Use the documentation on this site to learn how to implement Idfy services. Choose the solution that bests suits your needs.

Get started

To use the API you need an account at Idfy. You can get a free test account by signing up through our onboarding site.


The Idfy dashboard enables you to self service your self for many of the tasks that usefully involves contacting support.

Some of the operations that you can do in the dashboard are:

  • Create, edit and remove OAuth2 clients assosiated with your account

  • Create, edit and remove OpenID Connect clients assosiated with your account

  • Upload logo image

  • Add, edit and remove webhooks

  • Access account logs (webhooks, document, identification, failed authentication attempts and more)

  • Access usage graphs

  • Access invoice details

  • Look at identification logs

It is also easy to grant access to other colleagues. The dashboard utilizes our OpenID Connect endpoint witch enables multiple identification methods such as Github, Google, BankID, SMS OTP etc.

Status page

Visit our status page if you want to know the status of our services or subscribe to notifications.


We’re here to help! Get in touch with support at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.