Norwegian Buypass

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Buypass ID on Smartcard is an personal electronic ID that allows easy and secure online identification and signature.

Buypass ID on smart cardcan be used atallpublic serviceprovidersthat use "ID-porten"for identification.A number ofother public andprivate organizationsoffer the use ofBuypassIDfor identification andelectronic signature.

  • Secure user identification for easy access to self-service

  • Safe exchange and access to sensitive information (PKI)

  • Legally binding e-signatures and encryption with Buypass ID ensures paperless processes

  • Digitization, simplification and streamlining of administrative procedures and processes

  • Buypass ID can also be used for payment

  • Over 2.2 million Norwegians currently has a Buypass ID



Buypass supports identification, signature and payment.



Screenshots from signing and identification process


Insert the card into the card reader and enter your 4-digit PIN.


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You will need the program called "Buypass Javafree solution".

Download it from this page:


You will need the buypass card with the certificate and a card reader for your computer


Test users

Test cards are issued by Buypass. you may contact them by email,

Signature format

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