Signature migration guide

Migration guide

New API docs: Api reference:

Our legacy sign API will be shut down in the end of the year (2018), please migrate to our new API as soon as possible.

Important note

This guide is under development and is lacking information, please contact support if you need assistance.

Why upgrade?

If you want to continue using our signature services you should start using our newest API as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • It's a more modern Rest API

  • A lot of new features you can read more about below

  • Once you start using it, it is much easier to understand than our legacy API

New features in our new API

  • Multiple eid providers

  • Customizable GUI

  • Oauth 2 authentication

  • Test/Prod environment uses the same API endpoint (just change the oauth client)

  • Required number of signatures, sign orders, mark one or more signers as required (prokura)

  • Attachments (both signable and to be viewed/accepted)

  • All signers can sign simultaneously

  • Mobile sign for norwegian bankid

  • And more

Features in development

  • Multidocument signing

  • "Eaccept" - Sign the document with a eid login / sms otp / passport + a handwritten signature

  • And more

Breaking changes

  • New API Authentication (Oauth 2.0)

  • Document lifetime (the documents will be deleted on our side max 7 days after the document is signed or is expired)

  • New API endpoints

  • New API models (Shares many of the legacy features)

First step: Add oauth authentication

Read how to implement this here:

API Authentication

If you dont have access to your oauth credentials please retrieve them from the Idfy dashboard or contact

What happened to all the different endpoints to create a document?

We decided to have the same endpoint regardless if you are using an iframe, link and/or email/sms. You just have to specify how you want it to be handled:

Webhooks / Event client

If you are using / want to implement webhooks or our .net event client, this is also in a new improved form. Read more about it here: